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By making modifications to the body, rc2 succeeded in optimizing the trajectory of the loop, which was said to be a little up.
Even when force is added, the trajectory of the loop without unreasonableness is realized, and further speed up is possible.

The strength surface is also enhanced.
By increasing the grade of the material of the shaft, the strength is higher than before without surface treatment.
The strength around the body axis has also increased by improving the durability of the shaft and improving other parts.
(※If you overdo it, it will break!)

It was finished in a dish that can be sent out with confidence!

※ Bearings are standard with shielding

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Loop Up (No Logo)

Great yoyo! Beautiful colors and very easy to use! Until my next order! Thank you Naito-san and JPLS team!

カ ウ

LoopUp ロゴなし

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