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It is a character logo version loop-up of [super fast spinner] that led the first hyper yo-yo boom!

It was realized by the favor and cooperation of the original author Takashi Hashiguchi and Shogakukan.
We will develop in all five types around Kirishima Mai in the illustration of Takashi Hashiguchi teacher scraping down.

------------------------ about loop-ups------------------------
In 2019, we won the 2A division at the Japan National Convention, The Asian Games, and the World Championship.

It is a looping model equipped with the first mechanism in the yo-yo world that enables stepless adjustment of the gap width between the bodies under high rigidity.
The gap width will not change while playing.
It is possible to make the gap width appropriate no matter what string you use, and you can fully control the adjustment according to the play style and the subtle difference adjustment of the right hand and left hand when using both hands.

By making modifications to the body, we succeeded in optimizing the trajectory of the loop, which was said to be a little up in the RC2 version of the previous model.
Even when force is added, the trajectory of the loop without unreasonableness is realized, and further speed up is possible.

The strength surface is also enhanced.
By increasing the grade of the material of the shaft, the strength is higher than before without surface treatment.
The strength around the body axis has also increased by improving the durability of the shaft and improving other parts.
(※If you overdo it, it will break!)

It was finished in a dish that can be sent out with confidence!

※ Bearings are standard with shielding
※ suction cup included

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